This sandwich is in need of some serious clicking. The only problem is; it doesn't have any hands! Now it's looking for a strong, able-body to click it until there is nothing left to click.

This is a small project I created in just one day; it's an incredibly short game but hopefully you'll get a kick out of it. 

Also, if you guys have any ideas of small things I can do to improve it, let me know! It's just a practice project but I try and apply everything I learn to each of these. 

Credits for Sandwich Clicker 3000

Everything that isn't listed below was made by me. Some Unity default assets were used. Unity was made by Unity people.


Indonesia-MadeType (
Mexican Tequila-Vladimir Nikolic (


sandwich- Google (


Jazz Comedy-Bensound (
Jazzy Frenchy-Bensound (
Punky-Bensound (


Thump - bareform (
Ping - edsward (

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