[This is a WebGL version of the original game which can now be downloaded as well]

Ever played a game of Chess and thought "wow, this is alright and all, but why don't the chess pieces shoot each other with missiles and lasers?"

I'm sure we've all had this thought, so I created a Tower Defense Game that uses chess pieces and chess-related jargon as the basis of the game. In this game, you play as the black pieces fending off the horde of white pieces who crawl across the map in an effort to put your King piece in a "checkmate." 

This game essentially comes with 4 different levels for each season; each offering a little something different. This game is pretty standard for Tower Defense Games; it is my first official game that I made not for a class project. 

I would love feedback or advice on where else I can take this game. I have a couple of ideas for stuff I'd like to add but not enough programming knowledge. If you have an idea of something to add to the game, please atleast link me a site or video where I can atleast learn how to do what you want me to put into practice.

Other than that, I hope you like the game! 

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